SimPhone promoting job

SimPhone promoting job

//Sim-ad, SimApple

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for SimApple products. Whether it’s smartphones, macbooks or iPads. Guess who hit me up a few days ago? SimApple! They’ve seen my blog and my Simstagram and wanted me for a local promoting job!

Basically I was helping them testing their brand new SimPhone while hosting a Simstagram contest. As payment I got.. the brand new SimPhone! Am I a lucky girl or not? It’s sooo neat…




Some people have asked me if I need glasses regularly since I am sometimes seen with them. The answer is both yes and now. I see well enough, but the glasses help me focus on screens (big or small ones).

The big iPad outside the store is so cool. It even plays music. You put on a few bucks and the playlist has everything. I had to listen to Jack Johnson’s “If I had eyes”. It’s such a feelgood tune.



Good days start with coffee

Good days start with coffee

Oh yes they do! What do you think of my kitchen? I went for plain white interior as my apartment is quite small. I’ve added a few of my personal stuff that I love though, like my SMEG fridge, toaster and blackboard/cupholder. And oh, yeah, sold my kidney for those Smegs…



Something funny happened today… I heard some loud noises eeearly in the morning from my neighbours place. Went over to (hrrm) complain, when I figured I live right by Nancy Driver (owner of Nancy’s Diner in Newcrest). I used to loooove that place as a kid, and damn do Nancy keep her appearance. She is even more gorgeous in real life than I can remember. She looks like a true 50’s diva. And oh the noises was just her fridge that went caput. I helped her store some groceries and served her some cookies. I mean she’s the best cook in town and all I can offer are sugar cookies? Damn L.J….



A musical afternoon

A musical afternoon

I’ve been so busy getting my place up lately that I have totally forgotten about social life. Today Astoria (my awesome friend who also lives in my neighbourhood) called me and asked me if I wanted to check out the local record shop. And wow, is that place cool!





Astoria helped me pick out this cute little outfit and we just had to take some pictures in the shop. I suspect she already thought of the grungy look! I just love having friends raiding my closet, putting together new outfits.

Me and Astoria even sang at the record shop! They have this little performers corner there which is perfect for upcoming singers and songwriters. Astoria plays the guitar so gently, while I mostly sing like a crow… But oh did we have fun!




My bed has arrived!

My bed has arrived!

Guess what? I got a call and my bed was delivered to my door this afternoon. So I have finally been able to make my room somehow liveable. The rest of the apartment is another story.



The painting over my bed is probably one of my most cherished belongings. I got it from a garage sale in Willow Creek for only 100 bucks. Can you believe it? A stupid baseball that was apparently signed by some dude was sold for 10 000!!!

… anyways, here’s pictures of the rest of my room. I still have absolutely no idea where to put my clothes, but that’s for another day.



Starbucks = Second home

Starbucks = Second home

I can tell you that sleeping on a mattress (still waiting for my bed) is NOT comfy, so this morning I definitely deserved a big cup of Cappuccino and a snack.




I told you there’s a Starbucks right across the corner, right? I think it’s officially gonna be my second home. The baristas are sweet, there’s a work area (guess I am not the only influencer in town) and the coffee is… well coffee…




… and oh, just look at the sweet outdoor area. In Willow Creek we only had our small local pub for food, coffee, entertainment, dancing, whatever… Oh yeah, I know I am such a drag about that place, but I honestly don’t miss it for one second!


Maybe if I spend enough time here they will sponsor me with some free coffee? *wink*

Finally a big city girl

Finally a big city girl

Hey all!

My name is Leanna Jameson (LJ if you want) and I am a 23 year old blogger from god forsaken Willow Creek (djeee, it feels good getting out of there). I recently bought my first apartment; a one bedroom in San Myshuno’s Spice Market. From now on I can hopefully call myself a “professional” blogger and big city girl. They say the Spice Market isn’t the best area in town, but I noticed a Starbucks on the corner so I think I’ll be fine!

As you can see from the pictures I should really be unpacking this evening, but social media is sooo much more fun. I am also waiting for my new bed to arrive. How do you like my pink wall btw? I think it’s rad, decorating your own freakin place is so awesome. I can’t wait to show you this place in its full glory!

Since this is my first evening here I haven’t got much to show you yet, but I’ll promise to share pieces of my life in the city, both good times and… lessertimes?