Finally a big city girl

Finally a big city girl

Hey all!

My name is Leanna Jameson (LJ if you want) and I am a 23 year old blogger from god forsaken Willow Creek (djeee, it feels good getting out of there). I recently bought my first apartment; a one bedroom in San Myshuno’s Spice Market. From now on I can hopefully call myself a “professional” blogger and big city girl. They say the Spice Market isn’t the best area in town, but I noticed a Starbucks on the corner so I think I’ll be fine!

As you can see from the pictures I should really be unpacking this evening, but social media is sooo much more fun. I am also waiting for my new bed to arrive. How do you like my pink wall btw? I think it’s rad, decorating your own freakin place is so awesome. I can’t wait to show you this place in its full glory!

Since this is my first evening here I haven’t got much to show you yet, but I’ll promise to share pieces of my life in the city, both good times and… lessertimes?