SimPhone promoting job

SimPhone promoting job

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Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for SimApple products. Whether it’s smartphones, macbooks or iPads. Guess who hit me up a few days ago? SimApple! They’ve seen my blog and my Simstagram and wanted me for a local promoting job!

Basically I was helping them testing their brand new SimPhone while hosting a Simstagram contest. As payment I got.. the brand new SimPhone! Am I a lucky girl or not? It’s sooo neat…




Some people have asked me if I need glasses regularly since I am sometimes seen with them. The answer is both yes and now. I see well enough, but the glasses help me focus on screens (big or small ones).

The big iPad outside the store is so cool. It even plays music. You put on a few bucks and the playlist has everything. I had to listen to Jack Johnson’s “If I had eyes”. It’s such a feelgood tune.