Good days start with coffee

Good days start with coffee

Oh yes they do! What do you think of my kitchen? I went for plain white interior as my apartment is quite small. I’ve added a few of my personal stuff that I love though, like my SMEG fridge, toaster and blackboard/cupholder. And oh, yeah, sold my kidney for those Smegs…



Something funny happened today… I heard some loud noises eeearly in the morning from my neighbours place. Went over to (hrrm) complain, when I figured I live right by Nancy Driver (owner of Nancy’s Diner in Newcrest). I used to loooove that place as a kid, and damn do Nancy keep her appearance. She is even more gorgeous in real life than I can remember. She looks like a true 50’s diva. And oh the noises was just her fridge that went caput. I helped her store some groceries and served her some cookies. I mean she’s the best cook in town and all I can offer are sugar cookies? Damn L.J….



My bed has arrived!

My bed has arrived!

Guess what? I got a call and my bed was delivered to my door this afternoon. So I have finally been able to make my room somehow liveable. The rest of the apartment is another story.



The painting over my bed is probably one of my most cherished belongings. I got it from a garage sale in Willow Creek for only 100 bucks. Can you believe it? A stupid baseball that was apparently signed by some dude was sold for 10 000!!!

… anyways, here’s pictures of the rest of my room. I still have absolutely no idea where to put my clothes, but that’s for another day.