Good days start with coffee

Good days start with coffee

Oh yes they do! What do you think of my kitchen? I went for plain white interior as my apartment is quite small. I’ve added a few of my personal stuff that I love though, like my SMEG fridge, toaster and blackboard/cupholder. And oh, yeah, sold my kidney for those Smegs…



Something funny happened today… I heard some loud noises eeearly in the morning from my neighbours place. Went over to (hrrm) complain, when I figured I live right by Nancy Driver (owner of Nancy’s Diner in Newcrest). I used to loooove that place as a kid, and damn do Nancy keep her appearance. She is even more gorgeous in real life than I can remember. She looks like a true 50’s diva. And oh the noises was just her fridge that went caput. I helped her store some groceries and served her some cookies. I mean she’s the best cook in town and all I can offer are sugar cookies? Damn L.J….