Starbucks = Second home

Starbucks = Second home

I can tell you that sleeping on a mattress (still waiting for my bed) is NOT comfy, so this morning I definitely deserved a big cup of Cappuccino and a snack.




I told you there’s a Starbucks right across the corner, right? I think it’s officially gonna be my second home. The baristas are sweet, there’s a work area (guess I am not the only influencer in town) and the coffee is… well coffee…




… and oh, just look at the sweet outdoor area. In Willow Creek we only had our small local pub for food, coffee, entertainment, dancing, whatever… Oh yeah, I know I am such a drag about that place, but I honestly don’t miss it for one second!


Maybe if I spend enough time here they will sponsor me with some free coffee? *wink*